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Fundraising Kits


Each bath box contains New & Exciting Scents and Flavours (making it easy to buy more than one!)

  • 2 Fresh Handmade Soaps
  • 1 Lotion Bar
  • 1 Handpoured Soy Candle
  • 1 Lip Balm
  • 2 Tub Gourmet Epsom Salts

$10 Profit on each box!

Here is how it works

  • Call or E-mail us for your wholesale price at or (226) 388-9620   Don’t be shy, we are nice people.
  • Determine when your Fundraising Program will Start & Finish.
  • We provide the Order Forms and a Display Bath Box
  • Start selling!
  • Okay you have collected all your Order Forms and money. GREAT!
  • Now all Your Super-Duper Shiny Black Bath Boxes will be assembled.
  • No need to pay for your Bath Boxes upfront.
  • You will be invoiced the wholesale price upon receiving.
  • Hey! You have just raised a bunch of money for Your Fabulous Organization.
  • And you did it with TheWaterfordGirl® aCanadianGirlCompany

Wholesale price (after tax): $36 per box.

Fundraising price is $46 per box.

Your SUPER-DUPER  SHINY BLACK Bath box Fundraising Program Allows US to give back $10 for each box Sold to your Organization.

Take a look at our Sample Order Form