TheWaterfordGirl® New Location 35 Main St S Waterford Opening Tuesday, May 30th

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18 Alice St. Waterford
Waterford, Ontario
N0E 1Y0


Planning a Wedding or Hosting a Shower.
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 TheWaterfordGirl® stocks a Fantastic Supply of Products Made by other Magical SmallBatch Companys ie:
*Routine Natural Deodarant

*Sudsatorium Shower Gel

*River Organics Organic and WasteFree Make-up
*Napa Men’s Shaving Soap

*Spa Bath Accessories

*Kiss Naturals DIY Spa Kits
*Viva Frothers, Mugs & Essential Glass Tea Infuser
*Soap Lifts & Waterfall Soap Dish



*Bathorium®  Bath, Beautifully! 
We now carry a Large Collection of Bathorium® products as well as their Luxury Robes


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P.O Box 1036
Waterford, Ontario
N0E 1Y0